About Diane Shrock, LMFT, CHPC

Diane Shrock is not only a licensed marriage and family therapist, and Certified High Performance Coach™, she’s a tenacious believer in the ability of each individual to live a wholehearted, joyous and successful life.

Her work is about you. Clarity, energy and courage are essential.

Knowing what gets in the way of you being able to manage and move through obstacles is an integral part of the work she’s doing in this world.

Learning to change the way you think about problems is essential.

You matter, she knows it.

Whether she’s working with you individually, in a group, giving lectures or online training and webinars, you will understand that this is an individual that deeply desires supporting you.

Diane will help you reach your highest level of performance and your deepest level of self love.

When Diane isn’t in her office or facilitating a training, you would most likely find her enjoying some fine Northern California adventure/activity—running, tennis, climbing, swimming, dancing, biking, yoga, and good eats—with her beloved husband and two children.

Before earning her Master’s Degree in psychology, Diane pursued a career in corporate sales. Her background working with corporations as well as earning certification as a High Performance Coach™ deepens her ability to apply this work in the corporate environment.