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Have you seen your guideposts?


What are guideposts?

Dictionary please…

OK, here we go. I love this…

A GUIDEPOST is: “A post with a sign giving directions for travelers, usually placed at a crossroad.”

Books… a collection of words put on pages and bond together. These words are written by people who most often know a bit or a ton more about a particular subject than me. I know it’s risky to believe what ya read, but I have learned to trust some of these folks. 😉

So books are signs on a post giving us directions. We are all travelers. The writer is just a “smarty-pants” who brought along a pen and paper as they traveled…

And used it.

And the best part… if it’s truly a guidepost for you then you will find it at the perfect time… at a CROSSROAD in YOUR life.

So here are a few of the guideposts (favorite books) I found at […]

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Smart, Strong, and Brave is the new pretty…


Girls rock! And I’m not just saying that because I’m a girl and have the most over the moon superstar daughter, I’m saying that because it’s true. Girls can and do almost everything and I’m pretty sure they already do even more than we thought possible!

So how about that new study released – GIRLS START DOUBTING THEIR OWN INTELLIGENCE AS EARLY AS 6? What? “Young girls are less likely to think they’re ‘really, really smart’ compared to their male counterparts as early as the age of 6, according to a new study released last week.” The paper, published in the journal Science, sheds new light on a girls’ ability to defy stereotypes about fields traditionally dominated by men, particularly careers in math and the sciences, researchers say.” [HuffPost]

This is mind boggling but also no surprise. I think about so many women I know and how many of them grapple with […]

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I love humans… being…


News alert… and this is a Big one!

Your failures are a sign you are… hold your breath… HUMAN! (Thanks for the reminder Marie Forleo!)

I love humans… BEING.

Sometimes, you think that you are supposed to transcend being human and be perfect all of the time. Well, not the case…

Here are a few examples of humans observing humans being human (say that three times).

  1. The movie “13th” is eye and heart opening and chock full of humanness (please grab a spot of tea or glass of your favorite and watch it, NOW!).
  2. There is research that pasta is NOT linked to making you fat (okay, it was sort of funded by the pasta making industry, but today I choose to disregard this fact – pasta is damn good and hey, you know what? I’m human! More pasta please).
  3. Mary Tyler Moore is remembered for her joyous smile, great acting talent […]
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Success comes in a variety of flavors…


Am I allowed to talk about ice cream and success in the same email? Well, I guess I just did! Where am I going with this you might ask?


What does it feel like to OWN YOUR CLIMB in life? To stop trying to be someone else’s favorite flavor. I like vanilla, always have, always will. And if you add mint chocolate chips… it’s love. It is difficult to imagine anyone not willing to walk a mile for a scoop (okay 2) of vanilla mint chocolate chip ice cream. And if you tried to convince me that salted caramel has to have been designed by the gods in ice cream heaven… I would beg to differ… seriously (enter daughter who tries to convince me).

You might not be able to find any wars that started over ice cream flavors, but they have started over individuals, cultures, religions, and countries […]

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You have what you need…



You have what you need.

You may be thinking, “What Diane? This can’t be true. Have you gone mad?”

Well maybe, but…

Think about it… You spend more time and more money to have “THEM” decide what you need.

And where does that really get you?

If you are constantly looking for something on the outside and out there, spending more money and time on what everyone else says you should be doing to make you feel more valuable, then you’ll constantly be spinning your wheels, never fully tapping into the deep understanding that you are valuable far beyond your present ability to ever understand.

There’s a line from a song sung by the band America (you may not be old enough to even know who that band is, or maybe you are!) and it goes like this… (Think… The Wizard of Oz).

“But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin […]

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Love starts with you…


It ain’t always easy to remember that love begins with loving yourself first, so you can show up and pour love into everything else and give freely to everyone else.

Sometimes beginning with the concept of self-love feels like too much. You’ve been trained to be hard on yourself – so so critical in hopes of berating yourself to be better, to be perfect, to push yourself so hard that the payoff will provide an external reward that’s supposed to make you feel better and achieve the love you are craving.

Well, that’s all backwards. 

Imagine yourself as someone you’d treat with a ton of TLC – a best friend, a baby, a kitten or puppy. Choose someone or something you’d be loving towards no matter what. Now, imagine YOU in the same way. Would you keep on beating yourself up and judging your every move?

Probably not…

What would it […]

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Pent up fear = major energy drain…


Chances are most of us have felt super wiped out, drained from the inside out – the kind of wiped that takes over every part of us throughout the entire day and leaves us feeling ruined and overwhelmed… the kind of wiped that we wish would go away NOW, so that we could do something that matters, fun or not – anything other than blah…

Well, guess what? You are most likely suffering from a HUGE dose of PENT-UP FEAR.

Pent-up fear empties our energy tank fast. It leaves us feeling like there is nowhere to go. FROZEN, SMALL, DEAD. And if it persists, fear turns into UGLY inactions. Trust me on this one… (embarrassed smile).

Good news alert!! I am a fear buster (ha! Just making sure you’re paying attention!) But, there are steps you can take to recognize and release pent-up fear TODAY.

And, you don’t have to […]

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These are the REAL doctors…


Here are some tips you can use at any time to help you improve the overall quality of your life tenfold… AND it’ll help you fall in love with everything…


  1. Sunlight (or sun lamps for those in Alaska during the Winter)
  2. Rest (at least 7 hours per night for adults)
  3. Exercise (move it)
  4. Healthy Foods
  5. Self Confidence
  6. Friends (the healthier, the better)

Look, no one is 100% solid in all of these areas 100% of the time. We’re all human and some days it may be easier to listen to the doctor in the white coat than follow this simple wisdom, but trust me… this is THE real work and it really works – self care and total nurturing of your whole being rocks! 

I DareU to take one step toward increasing your overall well-being today. Go outside. Replace your mid-afternoon snack with […]

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Live a stunning life (and love it like crazy!)…


Here is a good dose of daily wisdom I found today and I want to pass it along to you…


  1. Don’t educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be Mindful. So when they grow up, they will know the value of people, places, and things, not the price.
  2. Eat your food as your medicine (fuel). Otherwise, you will end up eating medicines as your food.
  3. The people who love you will never leave you because even if there are 100 reasons to give up, he or she will find one reason to hold on.
  4. There is a big difference between a human being and being human. Only a few really understand it.
  5. You are loved when you are born. You will be loved when you die. In […]
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Live your life because YOU matter


I want to tell you a little something about why I’m here and why I do what I do in this world and my life.

So… I was thinking, what is the #1 problem I want to solve? I’m thinking… What is it? Pondering… Looking around…Checking in… Looking at the lives of the people I work with… Looking at my friend’s lives… Looking at my family’s lives…Looking at my own life…

If I can solve one problem, what would it be?

And what I came up with is this…

Often we don’t think that we can change. Maybe we don’t even want to change… but even if we do, we really doubt our ability to make changes in our lives and to grow, to fully embrace the life we choose, and the one we desire to live.

Instead we live a life that has been “pre-designed” for us, probably within the first 6 years of our lives, and then […]

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