So, if you say if fast and squish the words together, you get the word of the week according to Huffington Post.


And I could not agree more for a trillion reasons. Here are examples of a couple of those reason.

Yes, time is up for girls and women not feeling safe to speak their truth. NO DOUBT!

Time is also up for many of us who thought we could just sit back and “everything would be just fine”. As if JUST FINE was the new amazing. Not.

Time is also up if you believe getting enough sleep, eating food that is actual FOOD, drinking enough water and prayer/meditation are optional when it comes to health and peace of mind. Nope. Nada. Lier lier, pants on fire.

And time is also up if you think trying to change others will actually make you a better […]

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I’m Ready!

My Last 2 weeks of 2017

I took 2 weeks away from my clients and work projects (mostly) and it ended up being exactly the right amount of time.


It was just the perfect number of days to…

  1. Move from our home in Palo Alto to an amazing new home in Morgan Hill.
  2. Closed my Menlo Park office and open an office in Morgan Hill with a former co-working I love love love.
  3. Started a re-design on my mobile application DareU™ that will take Emotional Intelligence On The Go to the next level and beyond!
  4. Celebrated baby Jesus’ birthday.
  5. Totally struck down by the wicked flu bug that was delivered by, I am almost sure…Santa Claus.
  6. Launch my new Podcast Truth & Double Daring , click here to sign up!
  7. Set up a new internet system that will make every client session […]
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B U…

For all you East Coasters out there, I’m not talking about Boston University.

What I am cryptically referring to is:



I can hear it now…I know Diane, I KNOW.

You get it in your head, but do you feel it in you heart and soul? And more importantly, are you courageously living it?

How many of you (100% is my guess) have discovered many parts of your life were actually designed by your culture, family and faith. Yes and, early on you most likely did a little kicking and screaming to B U, but in the end, you gave in to fit in.

And the worst part of all:

You lost yourself while trying to find an “EASY BUTTON” to calm the pain of sadness, loss, disappointment, disconnection.
It’s easier to GET HIGH (easy button) then to GET HELP.

I DareU™ to take the personality assessment, […]

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Sliding Into Home Plate…

Do any of you watch Baseball? I don’t hardly ever…okay, almost never. For some of you this probably seems sacrilegious…for others it’s just a big ‘ol Duh!

Why am I even talking about baseball?

One thing I do know about the game is that when a player on 3rd base has an opportunity to run to plate #4…I know…home plate, the same player could choose to s-l-i-d-e into the plate if there is any reason to think it will give the player an advantage to be “safe” and score a point. I think I have just described why I do NOT watch baseball.

Anyway, I FEEL like I am sliding into 2017 home plate, not sure if I am safe or called out and I don’t think I am alone in feeling this way.

The GREAT news is I have a plan for 2018 […]

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Big Secret Folks

Big Secret folks…I love Barbra Streisand’s music. Like melt my heart…can hardly stand it.

If you’re rolling your eyes right now, I get it. If you’re not…thank you.

I never (lie alert) watch Netflix, but I happen to stumble upon a Barbra Streisand concert video and thought, why not.

After one complete hour of remembering every single moment in my life that had a backdrop of something Barbra sang and/or acting in, I had to write about it. Period!

When she sang Climb Every Mountain with Jamie Fox during her Netflix concert, I thought…TRUTH…I can climb ANY mountain. A-N-Y MOUNTAIN.

Therefore…I am climbing a mountain called PODCASTING. As if blogging and “DareU™ing” wasn’t enough, I will now be available at iTunes, Stitcher and Podbean.

The name of my Podcast you might be asking?

Our first podcast is scheduled to be released on 12/31/2017…My Dad’s(and brother David’s) birthday and the last day of this mostly […]

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I’m Making A list…Checking It Twice

I’m making a list and checking it twice…I know, a little Christmas tune a lot too early.

But this is the thing…I have had a list running through my head about what really truly works in my life and what must I be willing to leave, donate, incinerate or incarcerate.

So here we go:

~ I need to LEAVE my old relationship with anti-aging. Truly. It was design when I was about 14 years old. Anti-aging anything IS anti-Diane…always. Oh, and side note: anti-aging is one big fat lie because what anti-aging really means is:

DYING! I prefer pro-aging which equal LIFE!

~ Next is DONATING. This could include almost anything excluding my husband, kids and pets (most of the time). I have been pretty great about giving away what I think is not necessary in my life and might be useful to someone else…anyone […]

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Where Do You Belong?

Where do you BELONG? 

This is a very different question then the question:

Where do you FIT IN?

I want to burst out crying…like the ugly crying when I think of how many times I have contorted my soul and hidden my heart TRYING to be a part of something. Pretending to be cool, together…normal.

“Fitting in” might just be more dangerous than anything the surgeon general suggests is killing us. Fitting in is a flicker of “good enough”. But, it’s just a momentary distraction from the truth that many of us are feeling isolation, judgement and judgmental, and literally dying from MISS (or MISTER) UNDERSTANDING.

Belonging is living in your truth (values) and sharing your heart even when this is the last thing you feel like doing.

Today I DareU™ to be honest with yourself about where you are settling for fitting in and I […]

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Quiz Time!!

Since I am all about GIVING and SHARING when it comes to Emotional Intelligence…please take a moment to complete my free DareU™ Emotional Intelligence Quiz.

AND…I DareU™ to be vulnerable and courageous by sharing your score and your thoughts with me.

Click Here To Access Your Quiz​

It’s simple, not alway easy but simple. Simply Shrocking.

P.S. Share this email with a friend so they too can experience the DareU™: Emotional Intelligence on the go! Spread the love with everyone you know and help increase a friend’s EQ.

P.P.S. For those of you who’ve tuned in to DareU™, be sure to let me know about your experience so far! Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

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I’m Quitting!

Yes, it’s true. True as blue.

I have spent a zillion hours of my life TRYING to figure out how to get MORE done in a day, month, year.

I am DONE with PRODUCTIVITY…the just “GET IT DONE” mindset.

I am more than delighted to share my skills, talents and experiences. That’s FUN, BUT, no more “SELLING MY SOUL” for a LIKE or a THUMBS UP.

Oh, and why I am at it, here are a few more specific things I am quitting:

  • Judging you, me, the WORLD
  • Giving a damn about looking younger
  • Holding in tears of sadness or joy
  • Trading sleep for anything short of an emergency
  • Looking so so serious…seriously!
  • Thinking my way is always the BEST way…(this might be the one I edit out…wink wink!)
  • Spending my TIME like I am actually going to out live everyone

Today I DareU™ […]

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What is a DORD?

What is a DORD? D-O-R-D.

Answer: Because of a slightly inattentive proof reader/editor of the dictionary between 1931-1939, the word DORD appeared as a legit English word despite it not being a word at all … never ever.

WHAT??? (Why am I always so surprised???)

The word DORD is now referred to as a “ghost word”. (Think Halloween)
How many times have you said or thought a word or even a full sentence repeatedly …for years … and over time realized you were … ummmmm … not completely accurate … or maybe even WRONGOLA? (BTW… wrongola is not a real word either. DANG IT!)

And maybe … all those old beliefs are actually HONEST TO GOODNESS “Ghost Words”.

Today I DareU™ to let go of those status quo “Ghost Words” and add a few words and ideas that reinforce the TRUTH like:

     ~ You really […]

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