What is a DORD?

What is a DORD? D-O-R-D.

Answer: Because of a slightly inattentive proof reader/editor of the dictionary between 1931-1939, the word DORD appeared as a legit English word despite it not being a word at all … never ever.

WHAT??? (Why am I always so surprised???)

The word DORD is now referred to as a “ghost word”. (Think Halloween)
How many times have you said or thought a word or even a full sentence repeatedly …for years … and over time realized you were … ummmmm … not completely accurate … or maybe even WRONGOLA? (BTW… wrongola is not a real word either. DANG IT!)

And maybe … all those old beliefs are actually HONEST TO GOODNESS “Ghost Words”.

Today I DareU™ to let go of those status quo “Ghost Words” and add a few words and ideas that reinforce the TRUTH like:

     ~ You really […]

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It’s time for some Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic.  And while I am at it, how about getting a little WILD!

I’m spending this weekend with the remarkable authors Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed. 300 of us mortal souls were offered the opportunity to:

“Spend a one-of-a-kind weekend exploring the pathways to expressing ourselves and our story to the world.”

When the shoe fits…RIGHT?

Do any of you feel like a wrung out washrag, or worse…a human being blessed to be alive for sure and yet not feeling charged, enthusiastic, connected?

Are you asking yourself the biggest question ever:


Me too.

So this weekend I will reach IN…into my heart, mind, and soul. Into the the part of me that knows ALL THINGS (can) WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD and that PEACE ON EARTH is not just a dream.

Yep…I’m ready for some “BRAVE MAGIC”.

But before I go…

I DareU™ to get […]

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Things We Do Not Need…

Things we do not need…ever NEVER.

1.  Hate. “It has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet”. -Maya Angelou

2.  Trigger Cranks.

3.  Bump Fire Stocks.

4.  Advertisements that promote an amazing “made in the USA” product with videos of grandma in her pink pants suit enjoying the ease of use…even with arthritis in her hands.

5.  Legislators using the excuse they are unaware of or don’t know where to find out about the add-on feature of an AK-15 that, within 5 minutes, transforms a semi-automatic gun into a fully automatic military weapon firing over 700 rounds of ammunition per minute with ease. (Hint legislators- 1 minute on Youtube and you can become a genius about this product…like me…now.)

5.  Disconnection and isolation that breeds anxiety, depression, blame and delusion.  Solution: Pay attention. Love your neighbor as yourself. […]

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Truth or DareU™…


Just because it is YOUR truth doesn’t mean it has to be important… to anyone including you.

Okay… this deserves a bit of explaining, right?

Be open to possibility that your truth is just your truth. Period.

BUT… sometimes your truth is so so important that you MUST align your life according to it’s rules. I get it.

And this is where we often get stuck. Like… stuck worse than gum on your shoe or Super Glue between your fingertips.

What if it was possible to hold a truth lightly and it support your values like:


THEN, be the role model for this truth.

It is far more effective to LIVE your truth then TALK (or type… wink wink) your truth.


And friend… that’s important… truly!

I DareU™ to slow down and notice your opportunity to be the role model for what is “true” in your life today.

It’s simple, not always easy but simple. Simply Shrocking.

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My dog Roxie is getting old.

Now, truth. She is old. 15+ years of cuteness, mischief, enthusiasm, and shameless dogginess.

And today was no different… except it was.

So here is one of my “love” ADVENTURES about my furry soulmate.

She S-H-I-T all over the kitchen floor today.

My apologies for diving right into the messiness of our relationship.

Not only did she shit, she also stumbled on top of and all around it because
of her weak and wobbly back legs… like a Jackson Pollock artwork. Sorry Jackson.

So, time for a dog bath 10 minutes before a “very important” meeting. Have you noticed how children, dogs, traffic, weather have no regard for YOUR TIMING. YOUR SCHEDULE. YOUR NEEDS?

You know how people talk about looking for the silver lining… otherwise known as the…LESSON?

Maybe. Maybe the lesson is:



Thank you Roxie for all the lessons I have learned from the blessing […]

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Who said so?


Here’s a little follow up on my blog about being full of shoulds

Who wrote or spoke the “should”? You know the one. Name that person, place and/or group.

Because, the thing is… if you know where it came from… you might decide it’s not your should. Never has been. You don’t even need to give it back. Just let it go for a moment, a day… or maybe even forever.

I DareU™ to ask yourself these three questions:

Do I love myself?
Am I being my best self? ​
Am I showing up in my own life?

Today I am handing you a PERMISSION SLIP to say YES to these three questions.

Replace I should with acts of loving kindness for yourself… It works every time.

It’s simple, not always easy but simple. Simply Shrocking.

PS. Check out Mel Robbins new course on THE POWER OF YOU… It’s one of the best out there.

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Often I say something in a session with a client and they respond:


I agree… so here we go.

The author Gretchen Ruben has done extensive research on HAPPINESS. Her new book is: The Four Tendencies.

I totally love what she has written about different personality tendencies. Here are the The Four Tendencies she writes about in her new book:

Upholders respond readily to outer and inner expectations

Questionersquestion all expectations; they’ll meet an expectation if they think it makes sense

Rebels resist all expectations, outer and inner alike

Obligers meet outer expectations, but struggle to meet expectations they impose on themselves

So… best question EVER:

Why do you have such extreme difficultly consistently doing the thing or things you KNOW will lead you to your one-of-a-kind STUNNING […]

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Are You Full of Sh______?


Are you full of Sh_______?


Are you full of “shoulds”? 

Are you “Shoulding” all over yourself?

My auto correct is going nuts… SHOULDS? SHOULDING?

How many times a day (or minute) do you tell yourself you SHOULD do this or that?

Where did you learn to take action in your life from an obligatory belief that was most likely taught to you before you where old enough to think for yourself?

So… no Shoulds HERE.

BUT, I do DareU™ to notice when you are doing something that feels like it doesn’t fit your values. 

Find the courage to ask yourself:

What is the next right thing to do?
How can I serve with integrity?
Is this action an expression of my most authentic self?

Just notice the answers.

It’s simple, not always easy but simple. Simply Shrocking.

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You Are An Animal…


Take care of the animal you live in ~Elizabeth Gilbert 

We are animals. Homo Sapiens. We are currently deemed of least concern on the “Red List” of endangered species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

So basically… we’re not going away as a species anytime soon.

With 100% certainty, I know I am here on the THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN (loved that TV show) to challenge you to take care of:

Your heart
Your soul
Your mind
AND… the animal you live in.

You, yes you… matter to me. You actually mean the world to me.

Today, I DareU™ to take care of yourself a tiny bit better than you did yesterday. No need for Superman or Wonder Women feats. 

It’s simple, not always easy but simple. Simply Shrocking.  

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How Old Are You?


As my birthday approaches there is a heightened awareness of the years gone by… time is passing and I am aging.

I am not alone. Yes, we are all getting older. The number is getting bigger. Maybe a better question to ask ourselves is:

How old do you feel?

Semi-Quick story:

As I jogged/walked down the stunningly gorgeous tree lined streets of Palo Alto, a home for sale caught my eye. I was curious about the price tag for this bit of PA real estate.

You know that little plexiglass box “full” of fliers real estate agents put on For Sale signs? I headed for the gutter in front of the house to retrieve the evidence that homes in Palo Alto are selling for prices one would pay to own a small country in other parts of the world.

The box was empty. No information. My guess: $8,000,000. I know… crazy!
Anyway, as […]

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